Improving Manufacturing Efficiency - Element ID

Improving Manufacturing Efficiency

Planning, evaluation, and scheduling can all be greatly improved when you have data to base them on, but capturing all this data can be both costly and time consuming. Inaccurate employee reporting and infrequent data capture rates can be frustrating and defeat the purpose.

To overcome these issues and get the data you want, you need to automate the data collection. Data entry appliances, barcode scanners, and RFID readers can greatly reduce the cost and time involved in data capture. RFID completely automates the process and even eliminates the need for human intervention – meaning no person needs to remember to capture the data, it happens automatically!
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Companies that implemented tracking systems have experienced significant improvements to manufacturing efficiency

  • Reduction in labor costs up to $6.7B1
  • Increase in warehouse productivity up to 40%2
  • Savings up to $300MM via improved warehouse and distribution tracking3

Automation technologies bring significant benefits to companies that implement them

  • Productivity boosts exceeding 50%4
  • From 2000 to 2010, automation technologies have driven US manufacturing productivity upwards by 74%5

Automation and data collection have led to a revolution in US manufacturing efficiency6

  • US manufacturers have cut 33% of manufacturing jobs since 2001
  • Value of manufacturing sector has risen 27%
  • US exports have reached a 20 year high

Companies with data collection systems have seen huge increases in tool productivity7

  • Equipment uptime exceeding 98%
  • Productivity time gains of over 9%
  • Outcome of over 92% productivity time

Typical Equipment Used

Business Problems This Can Help Solve

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  • How can I boost manufacturing efficiency?
  • How can I improve this process?
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  • How can I automatically link product dimensions with type?
  • How can I verify a product is barcoded or RFID tagged properly?
  • How do I automatically link barcode and RFID data?
  • How do I get production data into my ERP system?

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