Recipe Enforcement - Element ID

Recipe Enforcement

Recipe enforcement is a big issue we hear about frequently. The goals are to improve quality and reduce waste.

Recipe enforcement really encompasses three separate type of systems: verify the correct type and/or quantity of ingredients is being added, verify the right tooling is in place before starting a process, or verify that only trained personnel are attempting to start a process.

In each case, we are automatically capturing data, comparing it to a set of criteria, and creating an output. That data may be captured through barcode or RFID and the output could be sound, light, or electrical signals that enable or inhibit machinery from running.

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Poor recipe management can lead to costly recalls1

  • In 2011, 412 recall cases occurred in the US.
  • Cases incurred over $3MM total in fines.

Tracking systems are critical to improving production quality2

  • Companies with automated tracking systems have reduced faulty batch numbers by up to 400%

Typical Equipment Used

Business Problems This Can Help Solve

  • How can I improve quality by assuring the right recipe has been followed?
  • How can I reduce waste/scrap?
  • How can I meet my continuous improvement goals?
  • How can I protect my profit margin?

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