ERP-Connected Appliances

An ERP connected appliance is a touch screen computer running data collection software that captures, processes, filters, associates data from multiple sources and then connects with a host server to get this data into your existing ERP system.

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ERP software is a powerful tool, but without production data feeding into it, aren’t you just using it as accounting software?

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We offer a basic package of 15”touch panel running Linux and our core software. This can be customized with a variety of modules to fit your needs. We also add custom modules all the time. Just let us know what you need!

Add a tethered barcode scanner for easy data collection. Can also be connected to RFID equipment, barcode equipment, scales, dimensioners, automated product counters, printers, printer applicators, etc.

  • Direct data entry terminal to your ERP
  • Data collection hub – capture what you need and interface directly with your ERP software

ERP-Connected Appliance Uses:

  • Time management (for example: scan work order and use touch screen to clock in/out on the job)
  • Production job data entry (for example: parts produced/scrapped)
  • Link RFID and Barcode data for traceability and planning
  • Capture scale and barcode data for traceability and planning
  • Capture scale and RFID data for traceability and planning
  • Capture job number, control print and apply, verify barcode, enter new FG in ERP

ERP-Connected Appliance Typical Deployment:

  • At each work cell
  • At key choke points in production
  • Packaging area
  • At production equipment (input or output)
  • Receiving
  • Shipping
  • At any weighing station

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