RFID Industrial Portal

An RFID industrial portal can be best compared to the toll booth on the highway or to the security gateways at libraries and big-box home improvement stores. They report the last seen at location of a tagged item as it passes through. A portal includes the RFID reader, middleware, (4) antennas, (2) metal stands with brackets, stacklight diagnostic indicator, and metal backshields to minimize crosstalk between dock doors.

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Element ID Optional Add-on — Direction detection hardware/software package allows you to determine whether items are entering or exiting.


Portal Uses:

  • Reduce shipping fines
  • Audit production output
  • Track raw materials
  • Track finished goods
  • Track valuable assets

Portal Typical deployment:

  • Shipping dock doors
  • Receiving dock doors
  • Choke points in warehouse
  • Doorway from production floor to warehouse
  • As “tollbooths” on your campus or yard

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Download the RFID Industrial Portal Datasheet