Our Technology

Our products:

  • Eliminate the need for RFID middleware or other RFID management software
  • No licensing fees or maintenance fees
  • Preprocess data to cut down/eliminate third party hardware/software
  • Have a configurable host interface to allow customers to set the way the data is delivered to them. This makes our system directly compatible with their existing interface.
  • Were designed as a rugged product specifically for industrial and automated environments.

We want to help customers:

  • Cut costs and improve efficiency with RFID
  • Reduce risk in the transition to RFID
  • Reuse as much existing infrastructure as possible
  • Keep all the benefits they have with barcode scanners (primarily the ability to sort automatically)
  • Get up and running as quickly as possible.
  • We believe we are unique in achieving these goals.


The patented TagLink™ technology matches incoming RFID data with physical items and gives users the ability to decrease product spacing and increase system through-put, all while assuring correct tag on item placement. The system can be configured to transmit item identification at a specific time or downstream position within ¼” of the item’s leading or trailing edge. The RFID data can be linked with other data sources including barcode data, dimensions, and weight.


The embedded HyperSage™ data processing software greatly reduces overall system implementation costs. It is on-board RFID middleware that pre-processes data to deliver only necessary information in any desired message format and protocol to mate seamlessly with existing infrastructure equipment.

Multiple System Modes

Multiple modes of operation allow configuration to meet a wide array of applications spanning all types of manufacturing and asset tracking. The system can operate in “Continuous” or “Event” mode. An “Event” can be started with a hardware or software signal and can be terminated with hardware, software, after a specific and configurable number of tags has been read, or after a desired time period.

No External Software Needed

Installation and set-up are quick and easy using a web-browser-based interface that gives integrators and end-users the ability to install and customize the readers with minimal technical expertise.

Configurable Host Messaging

The readers offer a wide range of selectable parameters and a highly configurable host interface that accelerates set up time, eases barcode-to-RFID transitions, and greatly increases compatibility with existing infrastructure to reduce RFID implementation risk. No API to learn, no software to write. Data can be delivered in a raw TCP/IP stream entered directly into your database or sent over an RS232 serial link.