Improving Tool Management - Element ID

Improving Tool Management

Tool management tracking allows you to improve preventive maintenance, link quality and tool data together, prevent mistakes that result from using the wrong tool or die on the wrong job, and locate tools on the production floor.

In the past, it was often impossible to automate tool management tracking because of harsh production environments. With the advances in RFID tags that have occurred over the last 5-10 years, even metal tools and fixtures can be identified and tracked automatically.

Tracking often occurs at the machine or work station using the tool, or at the tool “library” or stock room where they are stored. Data capture devices can be linked to production systems to automatically prevent machines from running with the wrong setup or provide a real time picture of where a particular tool or fixture is on the production floor.

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Data collection and automation can reduce the costs of plant maintenance1

  • Plant maintenance costs companies 15-20% COGS
  • Every $1MM invested in new plants corresponds to $5MM for maintaining old plants

Companies with data collection systems have seen huge increases in tool productivity2

  • Equipment uptime exceeding 98%
  • Productivity time gains of over 9%
  • Outcome of over 92% productivity time

Typical Equipment Used

Business Problems This Can Help Solve

  • How can I manage my tool or fixture inventory?
  • How do I know where tools are?
  • How do I monitor tool usage?
  • How can I improve my preventive maintenance plan?
  • How can I link specific tooling to a particular job to prevent errors?

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