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The bottom line is that today’s leading manufacturers are basing decisions on data. The more useful data you have at your disposal, the easier it is to forecast sales, set pricing, increase margins, reduce days of inventory, reduce lead times, and better serve customers. The data, used properly, gives you a competitive advantage over those that don’t have it.

  • Automating data collection reduces the cost of acquiring this data and greatly improves the return on investment (ROI) of implementing an auto-ID project.
  • Many manufacturers we have dealt with are not fully utilizing the capabilities and tools built into the ERP system they already own because they are not feeding any production floor data into the system.

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Companies that implemented tracking systems have experienced significant improvements to manufacturing efficiency

  • Reduction in labor costs up to $6.7B1
  • Increase in warehouse productivity up to 40% 2
  • Savings up to $300MM via improved warehouse and distribution tracking3

Tracking systems foster quick leveraging of your ERP system

  • Companies with RFID systems have had returns on their investments in as low as 9 months

Automation technologies bring significant benefits to companies that implement them

  • Productivity boosts exceeding 50%4
    • From 2000 to 2010, automation technologies have driven US manufacturing productivity upwards by 74%5

Typical Equipment Used

Business Problems This Can Help Solve

  • How do I boost Gross Margin?
  • How can I improve inventory turns?
  • How can I cut the cost of regulatory compliance?
  • How can I reduce stock outs to boost sales?
  • How do I cut production time to increase capacity with the infrastructure I have?
  • How can I measure the true cost of a product?
  • How can I efficiently implement activity based costing?
  • How can I measure the actual labor cost of project?
  • How do I get data to hold manufacturing accountable?
  • How do I get labor data into my existing ERP system?
  • How do I get inventory data into my existing ERP system?
  • How do I get manufacturing data into my existing ERP system?

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