ERP Compatible IoT Appliances - Element ID

ERP Compatible IoT Appliances

We discovered that the interface we developed to allow RFID equipment to directly interact with ERP software without requiring middleware could be expanded. We ported this code to a touchscreen appliance to allow direct data capture on the production floor. Because these are appliances and not full PCs, the security risk and continual maintenance and updating the IT group usually needs to deal with is avoided, greatly reducing the cost of ownership. Typical deployments include 1) direct touch screen input for time management and work order location, 2) integration of product ID (barcode or RFID) and scale data, and 3) integration of product ID (barcode and scale) and print/apply control. Read more here.

At this time, we believe this device is unique in the market. Competition is a PC with a user license to the ERP software. In addition to avoiding the IT headaches listed above, the user interface allows much faster and more intuitive interactions for production floor personnel.


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