Are you getting the most out of Sage X3? There is a lot more there than just an accounting tool.


You’re reading this because you either already own Sage X3 or you are thinking about buying it. It’s great for accounting and Sage is clearly a leader in the field. But if that’s all your using it for you are really missing out.

We’ve seen many customers select Sage X3 because of the other capabilities it has – specifically the built in manufacturing and warehouse management features. If you are thinking about buying X3, this is worth repeating. These features are already built in so make sure you factor in third party add-ons you need with the other products when comparing them to X3.

If you already have X3, guess what? You already own these capabilities!

Now let’s talk about how to use them.

The best way to leverage these features is through the automatic data capture (ADC) interface. Basically, by adding an ADC license, you can use a barcode scanner to input data into X3 real time. By feeding real time data into the integrated manufacturing and warehouse management features noted above, you get a real time window into your business.


What does this mean? It means you know how much you have and where it is. Everything, finished goods, WIP, or raw materials! It means you can issue materials to a work order real time and production track real time. Want to know how second shift is doing during the shift? Now you can because the data is being captured real time.

What do you need? You need barcodes so that means printers and label stock. You need scanable address locations so that is more barcodes. You, of course, need handheld barcode scanners that run a terminal emulator connected to your X3 ADC server. And that connection from handheld to server usually occurs over WiFi – so you need wireless access points anywhere you want to scan.

Your X3 reseller can help you with all the Sage licensing and ADC configuration, but you will need a trusted hardware vendor to help with the rest. You can buy components on the Internet, but you greatly increase your success and reduce your risk if you find a trusted integrator that can provide all of the scanners, printers, WiFi, and device software you need.