Our Process - Element ID

Our Process

Element ID engineers have been involved in the RFID industry since 1997 and the barcoding industry before that. We have extensive field experience and have gone on site to integrate most of the barcode, dimensioning, and RFID products that we’ve designed over the years. We’ve worked with the leaders in the industry from the best in logistics like FedEx, UPS, USPS, WalMart, and Macy’s, to a wide array of food and beverage, manufacturing, and pharmaceutical plants. We can advise on both business process and technology to help you get the most out of your automation project.

We are with you from start to finish – helping design the system, tuning it up, working with your ERP VAR to integrate the data, training you, and making sure that it works.

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Our Process


The process starts with conference call to discuss your problem and how auto ID can help you. We discuss your problem, goals, and industry best practices before we even get to talking about technology. We gather data, then figure out the best way to approach it and make some initial recommendations.

Site Survey

The next step is often a site survey. With RFID in particular, understand the size of items, the space around them, and the amount of metal in the environment are critical. There is often no substitute for seeing it in person. Our survey includes a complete system design document.

Element ID - Site Survey


Following the site survey, you own the system design, much like having had an architect design a house for you. We hope you will include us in the quating process and allow us to submit a project proposal.

Because we manufacture a lot of our equipment (meaning fewer markups) and integrate much of the hardware and software (greatly reducing the software cost), our prices are often 50% cheaper than the next lowest bidder (and our profit margin is likely higher than theirs!).


We manufacture or source everything you need for the project and visit your site at the kickoff to meet with the installers and ERP software VAR. Many of our customers use internal resources for the physical installation of the equipment, but we also have integrator partners that can provide these services, if desired. Once the equipment is in place, we come back to tune up and test the entire solution and complete the integration with your ERP system.

Element ID - Implementation

Training and Support

We are there to train you in the use and support of the system at the completion of the project and beyond.

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