Always Connected Solutions

Data capture only makes sense when it is communicating with your ERP or other critical tracking/monitoring software. We offer a variety of options to assure your devices are always connected. Because several of our manufacturing customers had no wired or wireless infrastructure on the production floor, we have added cellular options to both our fixed and portable devices. This also enables scanning on and off of delivery trucks, in yards and remote locations, and in temporary “warehouse” deployments.

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Cproducts-alwaysontechellular capability allows data to bypass the local IT infrastructure. This is ideal when paired with Cloud-based asset tracking solutions and Enterprise-wide ERP or WMS systems.

Regardless of the connectivity solution that best fits your needs, Element ID middleware software is designed to minimize the data that is transmitted. This reduces the traffic on your network and cuts both data charges and the cost of required IT infrastructure.


We partner with Verizon to offer complete cellular solutions.


  • Ethernet (standard on fixed solutions)
  • RS-232 (standard on fixed solutions)
  • USB (on some models)

Wireless (Short Range):

  • WiFi (standard on all handhelds and mobile read stations)
  • Bluetooth (optional on some handhelds)

Wireless (Long or Short Range):

  • Cellular
  • Other solutions available

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