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Improving the Shipping Process

Shipping late or incorrectly hurts your business and impacts your customer relationships. Even with a great shipping department, mistakes happen. Automation can provide many benefits like RFID portals automatically checking what is going though a dock door against what is on the invoice or shipping manifest. Even using handheld barcode scanners improves accuracy and speeds the shipping process.

Handheld barcode or RFID readers allow paperless picking and can reduce loading time and improve accuracy. Similarly, automated systems can accelerate the receiving process and allow data to be entered directly in the ERP system against your initial purchase order.

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Automated data collection is critical to improving the shipping process1

  • Shipping errors cost companies $50 each
  • Data systems eliminate over 75% of shipping errors
  • Savings exceed $37.50 per error

Automation technologies can help reduce shipping fines

  • Save $2-3 per untagged or mislabeled pallet2
  • Save up to 3% COGS with on-time deliveries3

Typical Equipment Used

Business Problems This Can Help Solve

  • How can I reduce shipping fines?
  • How can I improve shipment accuracy?
  • How can I reduce the time it takes to pick and ship?
  • How can I streamline the picking process?
  • How can I move to paperless shipping?
  • How can I cut labor costs in my shipping department?

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