RFID Mobile Read Station

An RFID Mobile Read Station can be best compared to a fixed position barcode scanner, but on a mobile cart with its own power source (battery). This product offers the same functionality as the RFID Read Station, but with the ability to move it around your facility as needed. This solution offers the hands free capability to track items as they pass into the vicinity of the station, but eliminate the need to “face” the product since line of sight is not required with RFID. They report the last seen at location of a tagged item as it passes by. A mobile read station includes the RFID reader, middleware, antenna, stacklight diagnostic indicator, WiFi access point, battery with charger, and wheeled frame.

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This product was developed for manufacturers with production space that is reconfigured based on shift or product type being manufactured. It also allows for remote or field tracking and tracking in areas where power is not available.


Mobile Read Station Uses:

  • Traceability
  • Automatically issue raw materials or WIP to a work order
  • Automatically create WIP or FG records
  • Track tooling
  • Track valuable assets
  • Detect and assign labor (employee badges)

Mobile Read Station Typical Deployment:

  • Temporary or reconfigurable production lines
  • Warehouses with no power
  • Input side of machinery
  • Output side of machinery
  • Tooling station
  • Choke points on production floor
  • Vehicle mounted and powered

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