RFID Wall Mount Portal

An RFID wall mount portal offers better range and a larger read field than a read station, but in a package that is more attractive and less obtrusive than our industrial portal. Originally designed, and still primarily used, for asset tracking in office, data center, and hospital applications, these have since been repurposed by manufacturers for tool tracking, employee tracking, and for wider coverage at equipment.

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The front plates on wall mount portals can be customized with woodgrain, logo, artwork, or solid color. Let us know what you want!

A wall mount portal includes the RFID reader, middleware, (2) or (4) adjustable antennas per unit, powder coated steel wall mount case, and black front plate.


RFID Wall Mount Portal Uses:

  • Track valuable assets (laptops, servers, pumps, test equipment, hard drives, etc)
  • Track tooling
  • Track labor costs
  • Track raw materials
  • Track finished goods
  • Track personnel/patients

RFID Wall Mount Portal Typical Deployment:

  • Main hallways in office
  • Single unit at doorways in data centers or hospitals
  • Two units mounted opposite each other for wide openings in data centers or hospitals
  • Above doorways angled down
  • On/in the ceiling
  • Choke points in warehouse
  • Choke points in office
  • Aisle mount in datacenter or shop floor
  • On production equipment

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Download the RFID Wall Mount Portal Datasheet.