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When you think of Element ID, the first thing you think of is probably RFID and that remains our core business.  But we do a lot more than just RFID and you probably aren’t aware of all the ways we can help you boost earnings by cutting costs and improving efficiency.

Let’s start with RFID.  I’m sure you know about our RFID readers, portals, handhelds, and read stations, but did you know we also offer device software, infrastructure software, site surveys, installation, support, tags, and printers?  We are a full service integrator now offering full turnkey solutions and we are carrying most of the major brands of RFID products out there.  We have technicians across the US so support and installation is serviced locally.

How about barcode?  Definitely! Before RFID and before Element ID, we developed some of the world’s leading barcode products while working at AccuSort Systems.  We decided to embrace that history and we now support barcode-only and barcode/RFID hybrid solutions.  We offer both handhelds and fixed position barcode scanners.

Printers?  Got em!  Barcode-only or Barcode/RFID.  We carry most of the major brands and we also carry the label creation software to help you design and print the exact labels you want.

What about WiFi? We do!  We have unique expertise in WiFi for warehouses and manufacturers to deal with high speed data roaming and fluctuating inventory levels.  We have experts across the country and do 30-100 installs a month.  Our services include site surveys and design, installation, configuration, equipment sourcing, cable pulling, support, and site assessments.

Scales and dimensioners?  Oh yeah!  We not only offer them, we integrate them with RFID and barcode to automatically capture all the data you need!  Table scales, floor scales, even truck scales!  By the way, did you know that Dave and Jack from Element ID invented the dimensioning technology back in the mid-90’s that is still used today by the shipping industry and in many retail distribution centers?

Touch Panel Appliances? Yes!  When you need a rugged, secure way to capture data on the production floor, a PC won’t do.  A maintenance free, patch-free, highly secure, touch panel appliance is the way to go.  Interface it directly to your ERP system and integrate it with scales, barcodes, RFID, or simply accept direct user touch panel input.

Sensors and I/O? Of course!  Want to connect a bulk tank, temp sensor, silo fill sensor, metal detector or anything else to your ERP system?  We have a device to do that!

Installation and Support?  Yes, local!  We have techs across the country and can keep your project costs down with local support.

Something custom or that you don’t see here?  We can do that too!  Just let us know what you’re looking for.

Element ID – full turnkey solutions including:
RFID – Barcode – Software – Handhelds – Printers – WiFi – Dimensioning – Scales – Touch Panel and Sensor Appliances – Design – Consulting – Service – Installation – Support

Here are some of our key products.
[column md=”3″ xclass=”center”]products-rfidindustrialportalRFID Industrial Portal
[column md=”3″ xclass=”center”]product-rfid-readstationRFID Read Station[/column]
[column md=”3″ xclass=”center”]products-handheldbarcodeHandheld Barcode/RFID[/column]
[column md=”3″ xclass=”center”]products-rfidmobilereadRFID Mobile Read Station[/column]

[column md=”3″ xclass=”center”]products-rfid-wallmountRFID Wall Mount Portal[/column]
[column md=”3″ xclass=”center”]products-erpconnectedERP-Connected Appliances[/column]
[column md=”3″ xclass=”center”]products-alwaysontechAlways Connected Solutions[/column]
[column md=”3″ xclass=”center”]products-softwareSoftware[/column]