Hybrid RFID Barcode Solutions - Element ID

Hybrid RFID Barcode Solutions

Prior to starting Element ID, the founders spent over a decade working in the barcode space automating data collection at the world’s most advanced sortation and distribution facilities. Most customers are best served with a solution that incorporates both barcode and RFID – not just one of the other. We cover the entire spectrum of automatic identification solutions and will help you find the balance that maximizes the profitability and return of your specific project.

Most vendors offer only barcode or only RFID. They will either try to steer you to the technology they sell or force you to increase project risk and complexity by using multiple vendors. Very few vendors can offer both barcode and RFID, but they typically lack the RFID expertise to design and implement a solution that works for you. Only Element ID provides all this and decades of automatic identification field experience coupled with finance and operations experience.

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